Wednesday, October 25, 2023

How to clear IBM MQ queues automatically? Give me guidance how to do this or configure this?

 To clear IBM MQ queues automatically, you can use the IBM MQ command line tools or write a script using a programming language such as Python or Java. Here's a general guidance on how to achieve this:

1. Install IBM MQ: Ensure that IBM MQ is installed on your system.

2. Connect to the queue manager: Use the `MQSC` (MQ Script Command) command to connect to the queue manager. For example, you can use the following command:


   runmqsc <queue_manager_name>


3. Clear the queues: Use the `CLEAR QLOCAL` command to clear the desired queues. For example, to clear a queue named `MY.QUEUE`, use the following command:




4. Save and exit: Save the changes and exit the `MQSC` command prompt. For example, use the following command:




To automate this process, you can write a script using a programming language of your choice. Here's an example using Python and the `pymqi` library:


import pymqi

queue_manager = 'QMGR_NAME'

channel = 'CHANNEL_NAME'

host = 'HOST_NAME'

port = 'PORT_NUMBER'

queue_names = ['QUEUE1', 'QUEUE2']  # Add the names of the queues you want to clear

conn_info = f'{host}({port})'

qmgr = pymqi.connect(queue_manager, channel, conn_info)

for queue_name in queue_names:

    queue = pymqi.Queue(qmgr, queue_name)

    while True:


            message = queue.get()

            if not message:


        except pymqi.MQMIError as e:

            if e.comp == pymqi.CMQC.MQCC_FAILED and e.reason == pymqi.CMQC.MQRC_NO_MSG_AVAILABLE:






Make sure you have installed the `pymqi` library before running the script. You can install it using pip:


pip install pymqi


Replace the placeholders with your actual queue manager, channel, host, port, and queue names.

By running this script, the specified queues will be cleared automatically. You can schedule this script to run at specific intervals using a cron job or any other task scheduling mechanism.

Note: Ensure that you have appropriate permissions to clear the queues and handle any error scenarios that may occur during the process.

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